Resident Participation

We can’t do this alone. We need YOUR help to make our programs flourish. We are looking for volunteers for several opportunities. Available for anyone needing hours or just wanting to help better their community and give back!

Resident Council

A resident council is a group of Public Housing residents who organize by holding elections for officers and adopting by-laws that serve as a roadmap for how the council will conduct their business. The council's democratically elected board must consist of five board members who have been elected by the voting membership.

Residents should be actively involved in the PHA's decision-making process since the residents have firsthand knowledge of what is needed in their respective communities. By developing a productive working relationship, the residents and PHA can flourish together.


January - February 2017
March - April 2017
June - July 2017

Mission Statement

We provide safe, affordable, quality housing, free from discrimination and centered on customer service, while providing opportunites for economic independence.

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